Артефакты Ел ТороThe Artifacts of El Toro

Артефакты Ел Торо

Полвека в неизвестности

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The Artifacts of El Toro

A half-century in obscurity

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About Artifacts

The artifacts of El Toro: general information

     Unusual artifacts of El Toro can be found mainly in the group of high El Toro hills, located in 5-6 km to the South-East from the small Mexican town of Ojuelos, state Jalisco.


Pic.01 El Toro Hills on a  Google map

Pic.02 El Toro Rocks (picture “Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan”)

     According to available information, the artifacts were first discovered approximately 60-80 years ago by the local farmers in the ancient tombs and rock caves. The identity of these graves by a certain Native American culture, as we know, has not been determined. It has been suggested that they may relate to the ancient Native American mythological country, Aztlán. 

     Burials are small artificial underground caves, accessed through the upper narrow manholes. There are reports that certain graves are connected by underground tunnels (completely or partially destroyed now).


Pic.03-04 El Toro ancient burial (picture Brett Girloy)

     Official archaeological researches in El Toro, as far as we know, were not held. All artifacts were found by unauthorized excavations. The exact number of the found artifacts is not known today. According to the local researchers there may be from 3 to 5 thousand of units. From the network and other sources, we have managed to collect photos of more than 1,000 artifacts from private, mostly local, collections.

     As systematic scientific studies of the artifacts of El Toro were not carried out, we decided to place these photos on our website “as is”, with hope that future studies will allow “to sort the wheat from the chaff.”.

     For ease of reference photos of the artifacts in the file are conditionally united in some typical groups.

     Preliminary analysis of the collected array of images of the artifacts of El Toro allows us to make some general conclusions:

     1. Most of the artifacts are made of ornamental stones, mainly of jasper, steatite, nephrite, lazurite, etc.

     2. Stone artifacts are presented in the form of products made from solid pieces of minerals, as well as with patch panels of different rocks and stone mosaic.


Pic.05-07 El Toro stone masks (from the “Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan” collection)

     3. A relatively small group of artifacts is made of ceramic.


Pic.08   El Toro ceramic (from the “Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan” collection)

Pic.09 El Toro ceramic (from Brett Girloy collection)

     4. The artifacts made by mixed method (ceramics and stone mosaic) can be found rarely.


Pic.10 El Toro mosaic mask with ceramic-based (from the “Fortaleza by Grupo Aztlan” collection)

     5. In rare instances there are the artifacts, manufactured with the use of precious metals.


Pic.11-13 El Toro artifacts with gold and gold  inserts (from different collections)

     6. There are some artifacts made of bone.


Pic.14 El Toro bone artifact (from Juan Martin Castaneda collection)

     7. The artifacts cover a range of various objects: figures, masks, pendants, plates, ceremonial knives, ritual utensils, rings, pipes etc.


Pic. 15-20 El Toro artefacts (from “Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan” collection)

     8. The main characteristic feature of the artifacts of El Toro is the image of alien beings and their flying machines on the most of the artifacts.


Pic. 21-22 El Toro artifacts with aliens and flying objects

     9. Another important feature of the artifacts of El Toro is the presence of unknown characters and written characters on many of them.


Pic.23 A fragment of El Toro artifact with written signs 

     We thank the local research group“Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan”, which provided us with a significant number of photo materials and information about the artifacts of El Toro.


About Artifacts

The artifacts of El Toro: general information      Unusual artifacts of El Toro can be found mainly in the group of high El Toro hills, located in 5-6 km […]

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