Артефакты Ел ТороThe Artifacts of El Toro

Артефакты Ел Торо

Полвека в неизвестности

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The Artifacts of El Toro

A half-century in obscurity

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Analysis of UFO images

Analysis of UFO images on the artifacts of El Toro

     UFOs are among the most frequently occurring images on the artifacts of El Toro. They are depicted on 30-40% of all artifacts.

     Image analysis shows the following:

–   there are no two absolutely identical images of UFOs;

–  images of the flying machines are given both in planar and in three-dimensional forms;

– according the shape of the images all the UFOs can be classified into three characteristic groups: pyramidal (conic-shaped), “hat-shaped”, disc-shaped;

– there are depicted individual flying machines (modules) on some artifacts;

– most of the images of the UFOs are a part of a certain plot.

image01Pic.01 The most typical forms of UFO artifacts El Toro 

   Images of the pyramidal UFOs is characterized by the presence of “ladders” or “step modules”.

     Images of “hat-shaped” UFOs are a combination of the upper hemisphere and the lower disc. They are characterized by the presence of a “glowing” rim or portholes.


Pic.02 Images of pyramidal (cone-shaped) UFOs


Pic.03 Images of “hat-shaped” UFOs


Pic.04 Images of “disc-shaped” UFOs 

     In some UFO images there are external functional devices (levers, nozzles, globes, radiators, etc.)


Pic.05 UFOs images with external devices

     Individual flying machines depicted on the artifacts have common design features: short fuselage with the cockpit, empennage, nozzle of a power unit.


Pic.06 Images of Individual flying machines

     Analysis of the images on the artifacts of El Toro showed that there are several basic plots involving UFOs.

1.Space flights: arrival of UFOs to the solar system, UFOs and planets, spacewalks, astronauts in touch with UFOs, etc.



Pic.07 Scenes of “Space Flights” 


Pic.08 Scenes “Astronaut  in a pose of ” Chacmool ” communicate with UFO”

2.The coming of the “Gods” to the Earth: the figure of the “God” is depicted in the background of a UFO in a static, majestic pose and full growth. His hands are often crossed over his chest or hold a UFO. Clothing of the “God” is like a long dress, head is with a spacesuit or a complex headdress. Sometimes “wings” can be shown behind his back that likely is a part of a special flying device.



Pic.Scenes of “Coming of the Gods” 

3.The “Gods” protect the Planet (Earth): images of “protection” are depicted in general allegorical form (an alien carefully holds the Planet).



Pic.10 Scenes  of “Gods” protect the Planet (Earth)”

4.”Last way of the Gods” is the most common theme of some plots involving UFOs in the artifacts of El Toro. Images of a horizontally lying body that is swaddled like a mummy show that it is death. The general meaning of these scenes – a body of the deceased “God” is transported (transferred) to the UFO. The fact that the artifacts of El Toro are being found mainly in the burials lets us think that occurrence of such images on the artifacts is quite reasonable.



Pic.11 Scenes of “Last way of the Gods”  – Type “A”


Pic.12 Scenes of “Last way of the Gods”  – Type “B” 


Pic.13 Scenes of “Last way of the Gods”  – Type “C” 


Pic.14 Scenes of “Last way of the Gods”  – Type “D”


Pic.15 Scenes of “Last way of the Gods”  – Type “E” 

5.”The new life of the “Gods”: scenes depict UFOs and the “Gods” holding a “baby.”



Pic.16 Scenes of “The new life of the “Gods”

      Obviously, this grouping and description of the scenes depicting UFOs on the artifacts of El Toro are our own interpretation and do not purport to be truth. In addition, we deliberately do not consider the question of the authenticity of the artifacts here.


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