Артефакты Ел ТороThe Artifacts of El Toro

Артефакты Ел Торо

Полвека в неизвестности

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The Artifacts of El Toro

A half-century in obscurity

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About the fakes

About the fakes of El Toro artifacts: article 01

     Since there are no official archaeological El Toro artifacts, the topic of falsification is today one of the most pressing and complex. The difficulty is that there is no verified source of the database for analysis. In these conditions each El Toro artifact is a “suspected” artifact.

     As you know, history of falsification of ancient, including pre-Columbian, objects is replete with many examples of ingenious fakes, many of which are still kept in museums and private collections.

     Unfortunately, it should be recognized that, despite the relatively young age of the topic of El Toro artifacts, falsification of these artifacts has become a mass phenomenon. Mexican public organization Nahui Ollin, led by Dr. Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez testifies about this, in particular.  For example, on their blog “Las Piedras de Ojuelos” they put the following information:

     «August 6, 2014 … On arrival in Ojuelos we were amazed to find a craft copies of some of our artifacts thst have already been found in tunnels and in the lands of Ojuelos, Jalisco. About 20 local workshops offer these items to the tourists visiting the city. Hence the distrust of some experts who believe that all things that come from Ojuelos, are artisanal items to decorate office desks.


Pic.01 Studing of fake artifacts

     In our campaign we study the copies that are made in Ojuelos. We inspect about 20 items produced by local artisans that are well done and very similar to the originals, but topography, proportions and material are markedly different. These features explains researcher Dr. Garcia Sanchez.”

     «August 14, 2014 Dr. Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez transfer information from Ojuelos Jalisco where we are doing research… There is a big difference between the original and not original item. You can see it by yourself. There was a lot of controversy regarding the authentic items and handicrafts, which are produced in Ojuelos, Jalisco. Artifacts provided by Dr. Garcia Sanchez were found in Aztec tunnels and of course they are original, because they have passed a series of studies and were analyzed in specialized companies. Also in recent weeks we have shown in the program “lost paradise of Atzlan” the items that were produced by local craftsmen, our investigation showed that about 20 local workshops in Ojuelos produce them in commercial purposes.”



Pic.02-03 Fake Artifacts – screenshots from videos of Dr. Pablo Sanchez :    1) Encontramos piezas falsas en Ojuelos – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 060814 – 2014

2) Más artesanías ojuelenses – Aztlán El Paraíso Perdido 2014

     One of the methods to detect forgeries is the microanalysis of carving on the stone products. The photo shows examples that Dr. Garcia Sanchez demonstrates in his TV shows, traces of stone procimage02processing on the true and false artifacts of El Toro.



Pic. 04 Microanalysis of artifacts conducted by  Dr. Pablo Sanchez 


Pic.05 Copies of El Toro artifacts in local souvenir shop, Ojuelos, Mexico 

   The local research group “Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan” informs about fakes of the artifacts also. In particular, it claims that massive falsification of the artifacts started about 5 years ago due to excessive interest in the issue of the Maya Calendar, and messages about shooting by Mexican actor and producer Raul Julia-Levy a sensational documentary film about visits of aliens in the past.



Pic.07 Fake El Toro artifacts

     It is obvious that the problem of counterfeiting of El Toro artifacts seriously complicates their study. After getting of the new materials we are planning to continually return to this important topic.


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