Артефакты Ел ТороThe Artifacts of El Toro

Артефакты Ел Торо

Полвека в неизвестности

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The Artifacts of El Toro

A half-century in obscurity

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Klaus Dona: El Toro Artifacts

Klaus Dona: El Toro Artifacts

      The first information about the unusual findings in the area of the El Toro hills, Jalisco, Mexico appeared on the Internet in 2008, based on our research.  Wide popularity these artifacts acquired after the publication in 2011 of the YouTube video with statements of Austrian researcher Klaus Dona and Swiss physicist Nassim Haramein on Saarbrucken Conference in Germany and subsequent speeches and interviews of Klaus Dona. See, for example:

ufo stargate stones – klaus dona – nassim haramein ( subtitulado ) parte 1 de 2

ufo stargate stones – klaus dona – nassim haramein ( subtitulado ) parte 2 de 2

Ancient Aliens impressive discovery 7/15

Klaus Dona Out of Place Artifacts & Ruins – Bosnian Pyramids Conference 2014

Klaus Dona New Forbidden Archaeology Discoveries May 2015

Klaus Dona: Out of Place Artifacts (delovno gradivo)

     Klaus Dona is a famous Austrian specialist in organizing international cultural exhibitions. Since 2001 he regularly holds exhibitions of the unusual artifacts collected from various museums and private collections, which testify about highly developed ancient civilizations and possible contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence in the past of humanity.

     Klaus Dona found out about the unusual artifacts of El Toro in 2011, when he received the e-mail from the unknown addressee from Mexico with information about the findings and with the appeal to help conducting of independent study.

     In mid of 2012 two stone artifacts were sent for radiocarbon research to the Radiocarbon Laboratory, The University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. This test was possible because the artifacts are made in the form of a mosaic and glued stone fragments. Thus, the fragments of organic glue were the objects of analysis. Samples were taken from the artifacts.

     Klaus Dona informed that the test results showed that the age of adhesive composition of the two samples was about 14.2 thousand years and 8.7 thousand years, respectively.

     Mexican correspondents have also provided Klaus Dona 4 ceramic artifact from El Toro for the analysis. The analysis was conducted in two different laboratories. Klaus Dona said that these artifacts were made from kaolin and they have old patina.

     Our group first tried to check the information of Klaus Dona and to obtain additional data.

     We have managed to contact the local Mexican research team “Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan”, which provided us the copies of official documents from the laboratory.

     It turned out that this group was in contact with Klaus Dona and gave him the artifacts for testing. 

     See below for photos of the artifacts: stone head and stone mask.



     To see the copy of the official document from the Radiocarbon Laboratory, The University of Arizona, Tucson, refer to the “Doc. 002”.

     Thus, according to this document, the first artifact (head) is dated (by the glue) to 14215 year +/- 60 years, the second (mask) – 8700 year +/- 45 years.

     Please, note two important points of this document.

  1. Samples of the glue were taken in the laboratory.
  2. The laboratory assumed that the glue is protein glue. For a given output the required chemical analysis of the glue composition is necessary. However, it should be noted that the most ancient glues with the age of 8.3 thousand years belong to the protein glues. 



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