Артефакты Ел ТороThe Artifacts of El Toro

Артефакты Ел Торо

Полвека в неизвестности

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The Artifacts of El Toro

A half-century in obscurity

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Nahui Ollin and El Toro artifacts: Article 01

Nahui Ollin and El Toro artifacts: Article 01

      The history of El Toro artifacts is largely connected to the efforts of Dr. Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez and Mexican public organization Nahui Ollin, Ojuelos created with his assistance.

      About 15 years ago the military doctor Garcia Sanchez while camping in the hills of El Toro area accidentally found an unusual stone artifact (see photo* below)


     Intrigued by this discovery, he learned that the local farmers for the past 60-80 years have found strange artifacts in caves and ancient burial places and they keep them as unusual heirlooms in their families. Unusualness of the artifacts was in the fact that the creatures like aliens and space crafts were depicted on them.

     Garcia Sanchez understood the importance and uniqueness of these artifacts and created the local public organization, Nahui Ollin. The purpose of this organization was researching, protection, public support and popularization of the artifacts and finds from the area of El Toro hills.


     For 15 years, Nahui Ollin under the guidance of Dr. Garcia Sanchez made the following:

1. Formed from the local sources the collection of El Toro artifacts. This collection now includes about 400 items.

2. Informed the official Mexican government about the findings of the artifacts and the need for their protection and conservation.

3. Opened several websites on the Internet for information about the artifacts and activities of the organization.

4. Organized several exhibitions, seminars and conferences.


5. Participated in international conferences. For example, the artifacts and the report of Dr. Garcia Sanchez were presented at the international Symposium in Barcelona “Congresso Historia Oculta de la Numanidad, October of 2015.


6. Prepared and published the book of Garcia Sanchez about the artifacts of El Toro «Aztlan y Los Aztecas. Una historia mas complete de la humanidad”, 2015.


7. Held regular expeditions to the area of the hills of El Toro, with the aim of exploring and finding of new artifacts.


8. Organized a video program about the artifacts of El Toro “Aztlan, “El Paraiso Perdido” on the channel La Voz de Obrero. 


9.Constantly studied the artifacts of El Toro. Some laboratory tests were performed. We hypothesized that the the area of the hills of El Toro in the past was mythological country of Aztlán, ancestral home of the Aztecs, and the contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations had place there.

            Unfortunately, almost all information on the activities of Nahui Ollin is represented in the network in Spanish, which significantly limits access to it. The problem of Nahui Ollin, in our opinion, is that they pay insufficient attention to the proof of the authenticity of the artifacts. For example, there is no detailed information about the findings of artifacts, including descriptions of the specific locations of finds, the testimony of witnesses, etc. it is also clear that they need  to attract scientists to the problem of the artifacts of El Toro more widely and to conduct more laboratory tests. 


*) all pictures from

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List of video «AztlanEl Paraiso Perdido”  (Garcia Sanchez) La Voz de Obrero.


Piedras alienígenas de Ojuelos Jal. (Aztlan) – 2013
Aztlan El Paraiso Perdido en vivo desde Ojuelos Jalisco – 2013Vista al Mayal Aztlan el Paraíso Perdido; Dr Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez – 2013Cerro del Toro y Ojuelos, Jalisco México. El Documental -2013

Programa Aztlan el paraíso perdido trasmitido desde Ojuelos Jalisco -2013

Programa Aztlan “El Paraíso Perdido” del 20-06-13

Programa Aztlan “El Paraíso Perdido” del 28-07-13

Ceremonia en el MAYAL; Aztlan el Paraíso Perdido – 2013

Sorprendidos y listos en Ojuelos Jalisco; La Voz del Obrero -2013


Programa Aztlan del 14/05/14

Programa Aztlan del 21/05/14 -2014

Programa Aztlan del 180614 2014
Conferencia Aztlan “El Paraíso Perdido” – 2014Cuevas Aztecas y piezas con figuras alienigenas – Programa Aztlan 020714 – 2014
Aztlan “El Paraíso Perdido” 050314  – 2014
Encontramos piezas falsas en Ojuelos – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 060814 – 2014
Arqueólogos opinan de las piezas de Ojuelos – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 240914 – 2014
Encuentro en Michoacán – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 090714  -2014

Más artesanías ojuelenses – Aztlán El Paraíso Perdido 2014

Primer sacerdote de la etnia Amuzga. – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 030914 -2014

Nuestra investigación en Rappel – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 231214 – 2014

Respuesta al INAH Jalisco – Aztlan Paraíso 200814 -2014

PONENCIA EN PUEBLA Acuerdos con Akachaman Amigo Del Gran Chaman – 2014


La Cueva Sagrada de Palma Sola de Acapulco – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 140115 -2015

Japoneses interesados por las Piezas de Ojuelos – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 110215 -2015

Próxima entrevistas con Japoneses – Aztlan el Paraíso Perdido 250215 – 2015

Cráneo Alienigena, nuevo descubrimiento – Aztlan Paraíso Perdico 080415 – 2015

Atlatzin El Caballero del Agua – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 150415 -2015
Alados en las antiguas culturas – Aztlan Paraiso 170615-2015

Atlatzin El Señor del Agua, parte 2 – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 220415 -2015

Maussan y las Piezas de Ojuelos – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 040215 -2015

Gigantes en la Historia – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 150715 -2015

El Cerro de la Montesa – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 050815 -2015

Seres alados en la historia – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 080715 -2015

Seres alados -Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 240615 – 2015

Visita a La Montesa – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 290715  -2015

A la venta el libro de Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 181115 – 2015

Presentación del Libro Aztlan y Los Aztecas – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 281015 -2015

Respondemos a tu preguntas – Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 091215 -2015

Elecciones 2015 y Piezas de Ojuelos – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 100615 – 2015

Descubren cráneos alargados en Sonora, México – Aztlan Paraíso Perdido 060515 -2015

Cultura prehispánica y ruinas arqueológicas del Cóporo, Guanajuato -2015

Esqueleto Atlatzin, sus radiografías – Aztlan 290415 -2015

Restos Biológicos Extraterrestres – 2015

Tercer Milenio en Aztlan El Paraíso Perdido 280115 – 2015

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Contact information for ”Nahui Ollin”, Ojuelos, Mexico

  1. Facebook – account Aztlan El Paraiso Perdido

  1. Facebook – account Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez

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