Артефакты Ел ТороThe Artifacts of El Toro

Артефакты Ел Торо

Полвека в неизвестности

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The Artifacts of El Toro

A half-century in obscurity

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About Project

About the Project

This project started in October 17th 2013, when a member of the forum “Night” opened a new discussion topic on the forums of the Laboratory of Alternative History (LAH) – “Impossible Mayan Artefacts”.

Based on the various sources (publications, video material, websites and others) for a two-year-old discussion address to the following key information (see doc.001):

  1. Numerous unusual artefacts (stones and ceramics) have been found near the city of Ojuelos in the El Toro hills (Cerro del Toro) in the Mexican state of Jalisco. These artefacts serve as evidence that representatives of an alien civilization had visited Earth and actively communicated with humans.
  2. Over the course of the last 80 years, these artefacts have been found by farmers who kept by their families.
  3.  The first person who consistently study of unusual artefacts was a military doctor – Dr. Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez – who had accidentally discovered one such artefact 15 years ago while camping by the El Toro hills.
  4. Together with some of the locals who found these artifacts, Dr. Sanchez formed a local organization “Nahui Ollin” in order to store, protect and study these relics. To date, this association has collected a around 350-400 items, held numerous conferences, seminars, exhibitions and expeditions, wrote articles, and created a broadcast “Aztlan’s Lost Paradise” (Aztlan El Paraiso Perdido) on  “La Voz del Oberro” web channel.
  5. Based on their research, the Nahui Ollin had proposed a theory that the El Toro hills are the land of the mythological Aztlan – the ancient predecessor of Aztecs.
  6. The Nahui Ollin had made numerous attempts to inform the government about their unique discoveries in order to protect these artifacts; conduct official archaeological excavations and scientific research of the artefacts. The discovered materials were shown to the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).
  7. In its official conclusion on June 15th 2014, INAH stated that these artefacts have nothing in common with the known cultures of ancient Mexico and are merely forgeries and souvenirs created by local craftsmen.
  8. In addition to the Nahui Ollin organization in Ojuelos, in 2008 another group of researchers and explorers was formed in by J. C. Valencia Chavez called Grupo Fortaleza Aztlan. This group also actively searches for these artifacts in the El Toro region.
  9. The first time when the unique artefacts of El Toro became widely known was after the Saarbrücken Conference in Germany (Congresshalle Saarbrücken) which was held in June 2011. There a famous Austrian explorer, Klaus Dona, and a Swiss physicist, Nassim Haramein, presented some of these artefacts.
  10. In 2012, Klaus Dona commissioned two carbon tests, the results of which, showed that these artifacts are of an ancient age.

Opinions of LAH forum members got divided. Some believed that these artifacts deserve more attention and a further research. Others viewed the El Toro discoveries as an intended falsification based on the following:

–          the absence of officially confirmed archaeological discoveries;

–          INAH’s official negative conclusion;

–          the UFO and alien images depicted on the artefacts reflect the ideas       and appearances of aliens formed by the modern pop-culture;

–          the purpose is profit from the sales of forgeries to tourist.

Because of the lack of new research this topic was closed. A few members of this forum decided to collaborate and conduct their own independent research.

Our group plans on ordering lab tests, get in touch with local researchers in the El Toro region, and organize an expedition.

The purpose of our website is to provide results of our research. We welcome input from all individuals who are interest in this topic.  Our goal is being objective and independent.

Night, Amsterdam, Learner

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About Project

About the Project This project started in October 17th 2013, when a member of the forum “Night” opened a new discussion topic on the forums of the Laboratory of Alternative […]

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